Wagon Box

If you have to have the best, this is it!

The Wagon Box, single or double, oak or black walnut—classic Cal•Graf Design dovetail joinery and distinctive craftsmanship make your workhorse accessories as beautiful as they are necessary.  Protect your investment in an adaptation of gun manufacturer's 1800s shipping crates; new style accommodates scoped rifles.

Created with leather protection, compartment storage, place for your cleaning rod or rods (sold separately) the Wagon Box is designed after the original shipping crates that the Sharps Company of Connecticut used to send their rifles west.  Billy Dixon, the famed buffalo hunter, makes reference to storing his rifles in the "wagon box" for safety and ease of accessibility during transport in his wagon between hunts.

There is a dust lip (built into lid) to keep the rifle clean and dry, plus a lidded compartment inside for storage.  Rifle is supported in a leather-covered cradle front and back with notches for your cleaning rod.

Dimensions of the single case are approximately 54" x 6" x 11".  The Double Wagon Box, shown in both black walnut and oak, is the same except for the width which is 10" and two brackets for your cleaning rod/s.  Shown with compartment lid on and off, protective feet, and detail of campartments and cradles.

The Wagon Box holds a 34" long rifle or a scoped rifle.  Wagon Box is pretty standard except for the barrel notch: we need a dimension of the barrel across the flat, 36" up from the buttstock, allowing for specific fitting of your barrel.  Wagon Box can be modified for the Creedmoor scope mounts that MVA is now producing, requiring 12" overall height rather than 11" standard height.  There is no extra charge.

Brass or nickel hardware according to availability.  This Box can be customized completely to your needs; just call and ask for Roy.  800-367-5203

Single Wagon Box, oak, $365.75

Single Wagon Box, black walnut, $454.25

Double Wagon Box, oak $571.50

Double Wagon Box, black walnut $721.00

Prices are without shipping.  Call to order: 800-367-5203

Price: $365.75


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