Competition Pistol Box

The Competition Pistol Box is a system to carry your pistols to the range.  It will hold your ammo and pistols, muffs and safety glasses as well as your spotting scope.

It's ideal for indoor ranges where you place the Box on the table in front of you, raise the lid and secure your spotting scope in a convenient position.  Indoor ranges typically have tables at an elevated height so there's no need for a tripod for the scope.  The Competition Pistol Box comes standard with top leather trunk-style handle as shown but, for carrying ease, you can add (2) gun-metal-blue, trunk-style handles for sides—$20.00.

The scope can be raised to approximately 32" using the attached bracket.  The Competition Pistol Box is 20" long x 12" deep x 14" tall and 27" tall to top of lid when opened (where scope is screwed into the bracket).  Scope bracket is approximately 8" long and will be parallel to base; it can be raised to 90° or perpendicular to the box.  Scope will be on a grooved slide of approximately 4 1/2" of adjustment.

The Competition Pistol Box weighs about 16#—at this time available in oak only.

Competition Pistol Box, oak $298.75

Price without shipping.

Price: $298.75


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