Rifle Tote

Rifle Tote comes in either black walnut or oak, shown, and makes ammo, pistol, etc., readily available in a handy, well-balanced Tote.

Carry your long gun with action open for safety, and in compliance with SASS rules.  Shown here also with a black walnut No Frills Box for comparison (No Frills and Classic Range Box share the same dimensions; also the Pine Box.)  Also shown with the Takedown Brass Cleaning Rod and Case in oak.

Tote is 13 1/2" wide by 12 1/4" deep; notches are leather-lined; features signature dovetail joinery, no screws or nails.  Tote shown with action open and cleaning rod.

Rifle Tote, black walnut, $132.00 plus shipping.

Rifle Tote, oak, $108 plus shipping.

Price: $108.00


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