Cross Sticks

Cross Sticks come in two sizes:  Prone Sticks are 22" not counting spikes; Buffalo Sticks, 36" long not counting spike.  Cross Sticks are constructed of maple and the spikes are chrome molly steel with copper protector at base.  Top quality leather strap features 6 positions for height adjustment.  Cross Sticks measure just under 1" x 1 1/18"; spikes 1/4" x 2 7/8", and meet NRA requirements.

Prone Sticks are for the Silhouette shooter and the Buffalo Sticks are for the long range shooter.  Actually, Buffalo Sticks work great for any shooting where you will be sitting down; it affords great support no matter what kind of firearm you are using.

Prone Sticks measure 22" without spike.  $51.50 plus shipping.

Buffalo Sticks measure 36" without spike.  $56.00 plus shipping.

Price: $56.00


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