Cleaning Rods

Cleaning Rods are shown with the turned hardwood handles (may be maple, walnut, etc.) and muzzle guard.  Rods are offered in either hickory or fiberglass and now all come standard with brass swivel end and choice of 3 interchangeable jags.  Also available in Takedown Brass. Both ends are tapped for an 8x32 thread with the length of the rod custom to your needs up to 48" long.  Specify choice: .40, .45, or .50 caliber jag.  Takedown Brass Rod shown in both Classic Range Box and the Rifle Tote.

Swivel end shown up close and personal—now in brass.  Your order for a cleaning rod will come with this and your choice of 3 jags as stated above.

Each additional jag $5.00 at time of purchase.  If ordered separately please add $5.95 for priority mailing.

Cleaning Rod, Takedown Brass, includes 1 jag (.40, .45, or .50) $125.00 plus shipping.

Carry case, black walnut (not shown) $65.00 plus shipping.

Carry case, oak, $53.00 plus shipping.

Cleaning Rod, hickory or fiberglass including 1 jag (.40, .45, or .50) $55.50 plus shipping.

Price: $55.50


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