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Cheater Block & Blow Tube

The Cheater Block is so named to prevent the shooter from using more than 5 shots for score.  It is in the NRA Silhouette rules that, after the sighters, you go for score and can have only 5 rounds out.  The Cheater Block holds those 5 rounds out of harm’s way—preventing dirt from getting in the bullet lube, and is just easy to pick up.  Drilled for plugging (use lead), the bottom gives weight so it is not tipsy in the chicken event.  Holes are drilled in the side to hold your Blow Tube if you have one that doesn’t hang from around your neck.

Cheater Block comes in oak typically, but as with most of our products, can be customized to your specs.  We often make them in black walnut to match a shooter’s Classic Range Box, for instance, or Rifle Tote.

Blow Tube is used to put moisture down the bore to loosen blackpowder fouling.  When shooting a string of shots and unable to clean the bore, a blow tube is used to reduce fouling after every shot.  This makes each shot much more accurate; in very dry climates it is even performed after you take a sip of water.

Blow Tube is made of clear plactic tubing (32 inches) fitted with maple ends and a 32 inch leather thong for over-shoulder carrying.  Improve accuracy, reduce fouling.

Cheater Block, oak, $19.75 plus shipping.

Blow Tube, $27.00 plus shipping.

Price: $0.00

Cross Sticks

Cross Sticks come in two sizes:  Prone Sticks are 22″ not counting spikes; Buffalo Sticks, 36″ long not counting spike.  Cross Sticks are constructed of maple and the spikes are chrome molly steel with copper protector at base.  Top quality leather strap features 6 positions for height adjustment.  Cross Sticks measure just under 1″ x 1 1/18″; spikes 1/4″ x 2 7/8″, and meet NRA requirements.

Prone Sticks are for the Silhouette shooter and the Buffalo Sticks are for the long range shooter.  Actually, Buffalo Sticks work great for any shooting where you will be sitting down; it affords great support no matter what kind of firearm you are using.

Prone Sticks measure 22″ without spike.  $51.50 plus shipping.

Buffalo Sticks measure 36″ without spike.  $56.00 plus shipping.

Price: $56.00

Cleaning Rods

Cleaning Rods are shown with the turned hardwood handles (may be maple, walnut, etc.) and muzzle guard.  Rods are offered in either hickory or fiberglass and now all come standard with brass swivel end and choice of 3 interchangeable jags.  Also available in Takedown Brass. Both ends are tapped for an 8×32 thread with the length of the rod custom to your needs up to 48″ long.  Specify choice: .40, .45, or .50 caliber jag.  Takedown Brass Rod shown in both Classic Range Box and the Rifle Tote.

Swivel end shown up close and personal—now in brass.  Your order for a cleaning rod will come with this and your choice of 3 jags as stated above.

Each additional jag $5.00 at time of purchase.  If ordered separately please add $5.95 for priority mailing.

Cleaning Rod, Takedown Brass, includes 1 jag (.40, .45, or .50) $125.00 plus shipping.

Carry case, black walnut (not shown) $65.00 plus shipping.

Carry case, oak, $53.00 plus shipping.

Cleaning Rod, hickory or fiberglass including 1 jag (.40, .45, or .50) $55.50 plus shipping.

Price: $55.50

Score-Keeping Clip Board

Handy clip board for Blackpowder Silhouette shooters.  Convenient for marking sighters, can be used 2 sides for shooters and spotters.   No cork to wear out.

Chickens, turkeys, pigs, and rams in silhouette, on both sides of board, with convenient “counters” also printed around each individual target.

Durable, eraseable; included black dry erase marker—not for use with sharpie or magic marker.  Measures 9×12 inches.

Score-Keeping Clip Board, $24.95 plus shipping.

Price: $24.95

Rifle Tote

Rifle Tote comes in either black walnut or oak, shown, and makes ammo, pistol, etc., readily available in a handy, well-balanced Tote.

Carry your long gun with action open for safety, and in compliance with SASS rules.  Shown here also with a black walnut No Frills Box for comparison (No Frills and Classic Range Box share the same dimensions; also the Pine Box.)  Also shown with the Takedown Brass Cleaning Rod and Case in oak.

Tote is 13 1/2″ wide by 12 1/4″ deep; notches are leather-lined; features signature dovetail joinery, no screws or nails.  Tote shown with action open and cleaning rod.

Rifle Tote, black walnut, $132.00 plus shipping.

Rifle Tote, oak, $108 plus shipping.

Price: $108.00

Scope Box

Cal•Graf Design offers a box for another valuable investment—a scope for your firearms.  Ours fits the MVA scope as it comes in both 28″ and 32″ lengths.  These boxes fit the Creedmoor mounts that MVA is currently producing.

The Scope Box here is shown in oak but is also available in black walnut.  Quality scopes can be purchased at Montana Vintage Arms, Belgrade, Montana.

Scope Box black walnut $185.50 either length.

Scope Box oak, 28″ $134.00

Scope Box oak, 32″ $134.00

Prices are without shipping.

Price: $134.00