Classic Range Box

The Classic Range Box has become a standard in Black Powder Silhouette shooting first and foremost, and is enjoying high ratings among all shooters who have the need for a quality handmade wood box to corral their gun "stuff".  It is offered in two woods—oak and black walnut.

The Range Box kind of speaks for itself, so here are just the particulars.

Size of Classic Range Box is approximately 20" x 10" x 11".  Made of 1/2" oak or black walnut, it is solid but for the tray bottom and sliding doors of the lid.  It is shown here in oak as well as walnut with gun in cleaning cradles, removable tray, and sliding doors over storage compartments open.  Other items shown in image with the Shiloh Sharps are Blow Tube, Cheater Block, Prone Shooting Sticks, Cleaning Rod, and Cartridge Box (Cal•Graf's wood design and wood inserts) also for sale at Cal•Graf.  New design handle for tray provides improved balance for better control of rifle weight when used at the line, keeping it off the ground, makes cleaning easier.  (Shiloh has NRA sticker—showing it had passed for competition at Raton.)

Range Box may be personalized with CNC engraving on the lid for $25, or a brass plate is often requested, cost ranging from $10 to $20 depending on size.  Brass plate may be attached inside the lid as well as on top.  Customer choice.

The Classic Range Box may be customized for your particular need: Shown is an oversize black walnut Range Box built to our customer specifications.  We do custom.  Call and talk with Roy: 800-367-5203

Classic Range Box in oak $298.75

Classic Range Box in black walnut $352.25

Prices are without shipping.

Price: $298.75


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