Table Model Adjustable Powder Pour

Constructed of brass and wood, the Table Model Adjustable Powder Pour is ideal for muzzle loaders and breech loaders to pre-measure charge, drop into plastic or paper tubes.  Used for black or smokeless powders, the charge body is hardrock maple and brass, the rest of the Table Model is solid oak with lacquer finish.  Clear lacquer allows you to see the black granules and their rate of fall.

Like the larger model—the Adjustable Powder Pour—the Table Model has a 1/3 to 1/2 (one third to one half) cup capacity, enough to pour 20 cartridges at 52 grains before refilling.  With FFFg or fine smokeless powder, the Pour accommodates the filling of 50 cartridges.

Pour charges from almost zero to 149 grains FFFg or 130 grains Pyrodex RS.  Accuracy is almost plus/minus 0 on small granulations and plus/mins .2 (2 tenths grain) or -.1 (one tenth grain) on larger powders such as Pyrodex RS or FFg black.  Smokeless powder—ball powders or small cylindrical powders pour almost plus/minus 0 while larger granulations such as IMR 4350 pour plus/minus .2 (2 tenths grain).  Infinite adjustment lies in the brass charge tube; one turn of the adjustment knob is approximately 1 1/2 grains.

Price is without shipping.

Price: $150.00


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