The Line Box is caliber-sensitive and comes in black walnut and oak.  It is very traditional—no plastic, and only slotted brass screws are used; box shown in both walnut and oak with CNC drilled holes.  LineBox named thus as it goes to the shooting line with you for sighting in; close the Box for competition and use the Cheater Block for the 5 shots allowed in that event (NRA rules).

This design has the storage space in the center and holds 80 rounds.

As with all our products, hardware varies with availability.  We will make every effort to accommodate your wishes as regards hardware choice.  Shown is a special order black walnut box in which the customer wanted to store cartridges base down.  Top portion is removable to retrieve cartridges.

Ask Roy about putting together your custom item.  800-367-5203

Line Box, black walnut, is $199.00

LineBox, oak, $156.00

Prices are without shipping.

Price: $156.00


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