Adjustable Powder Pour

The Adjustable Powder Pour is the safer way to measure and pour blackpowder and smokeless too—the one powder measure for all your reloading needs—Static free because it is safely constructed of brass and wood.

Extra Charge Tubes are great to pre-set for each caliber that you reload so you don't have to keep weighing your charges.  Set the Charge Tube and you only need to check it, not re-adjust it each time you pour a "charge".  Slide it out and insert the next pre-set caliber to pour.

The Adjustable Powder Pour is available as the complete blackpowder drop tube unit shown which also includes the T-Slot Cartridge Board (T-Board) that holds 40 or more cartridges (they don't tip or spill).

The Adjustable Powder Pour is also available as the Table Model (no drop tube) for smokeless or blackpowder measuring.  The Table Model does not include T-Slot Cartridge Board (T-Board).

The Adjustable Powder Pour is constructed of solid oak, maple and brass; brass drop tube is 24" long with a 4" x 16" work table to hold the Cartridge Board.  The drop tube assembly is brass with the T-Board in solid oak, and clear lacquer finish to see the powder rate of pour.

The Adjustable Powder Pour has a 1/3 to 1/2 cup capacity—enough to pour 20 cartridges at 52 grains before refilling (we know it isn't a good idea to have too much blackpowder out at a time).  With FFFg or fine smokeless powder, the Adjustable Powder Pour capacity accommodates the filling of 50 cartridges.

Pour powder charges from almost zero to 149 grains FFFg or 130 grains Pyrodex RS.  Accuracy is almost plus or minus zero on small granulations and plus .2 and minus .1 tenth grain on larger powders such as Pyrodex or FFg blackpowder.  Smokeless powder—ball powders or small cylindrical powders pour almost zero while large granulations such as IMR 4350 pour at a plus or minus .2 tenths grain.

Adjustment lies in the brass charge tube; one turn of the adjustment knob is approximately 1 1/2 grains.

Please note: When you receive your new Adjustable Powder Pour, the funnel appears—and is—off center.  This is done purposely to allow each charge to "pour" rather than to "drop".  Pouring allows the powder to settle and pack evenly, as opposed to being dropped.  Further enhance your pours by using the Blackpowder MasterScreen to grade your powders, making certain that the granulation size you think you're using is actually what you are using.

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Price: $225.00


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