Simple Cart Kit

The Simple Cart is simply constructed, simple to transport, simple to assemble and disassemble, simple to own.  You can easily disassemble the Cart and store it in components that fit in small spaces.  Carriage bolts and wing nuts (or replacement bakelite knobs) make removal easy, quick.  Pull a pin to remove wheels.  Single front leg unscrews from bottom box.  Sides separate from both the top and bottom storages.

Reasonably priced, the pine (or oak) Simple Cart can be purchased as a KIT, with or without WHEELS and when ordered without wheels, no AXLE, washers or hairpin clips are included.  (If axle is ordered separately or later, cost is $6.50 plus shipping and includes hairpin clips and washers.) Wheels are 12" pneumatic, or circa 1890s 16" wire spoked hard rubber wheel; the majority of our customers prefer the 16" hard rubber wheel.

The Simple Cart Kit in pine or oak comes in its components, ready to immediately dry fit and then break down to finish sanding before glue up.  More sanding is required, then finishing.  We usually advise folks that unless you already have the clamps, sand paper, finish, etc., it really doesn't save you any money to buy the Kit.  We figure it costs about $60 to step from category to category: From Kit to Assembled, from Assembled to Finished is about $60 incrementally, finish-wise.  We also say to immediately dry fit because when you break the shipping wrapping, the wood is free to move—and it will.  We are very dry here in Montana, so if you enjoy higher humidity where you live, please be advised to get the parts fitted and glued up as soon as possible.

Base of Simple Cart is 17" x 22" x 11" high with lidded storage that, when open is 11" x 11" x 17".  This storage unit has a reinforced lid and can easily be used as a seat.  Roy used to weigh around 270 and the Cart did not complain nor falter.

Lid supports are standard for further convenience and can be brass or wood—depends on hardware availability.  Holding the lid open provides protection for your firearms, actions open.  We have had customers want the lid hinged in reverse.

Sides are our standard 35" with another top storage that, when opened, provides a small table top.  That top storage box is 14" x 7" x 6".  The stabilizer or transport bar retains the barrels safely in the cart with the turn of a wing nut (or knob if you change them out); loosen to lift off bar, tighten to secure.

Replace wing nuts on the cart with a bakelite Knob which helps speed up assembly/disassembly considerably; 9 on each cart, $1.75 each.

Overall height of the Simple Cart with 16" wheels is 47", with the 12" pneumatic wheels, height is about 45"; width is about 24" with wheels, 17" without.  The Simple Cart when assembled weighs about 32-35 pounds.

If you purchase the Simple Cart Kit, either in pine or oak, you may want to add the Leather Packet which is strips of precut-to-fit leather that glue into the yokes where the barrels and buttstocks rest.   The Leather Packet is $30.00

Another option is the Engraving of your name, alias, SASS number, etc., on one of the lids to further personalize your Cart.  Cost is $25.00 and letter count makes no difference.  The constraint of course is the size of the lid you wish engraved.

The Simple Cart Kit, in PINE, with no wheels, is $199.00

The Simple Cart Kit, in PINE, with 12" pneumatics, is $229.00;

Kit in PINE with 16" wire-spoked, hard rubber wheels is $252.00

The Simple Cart Kit in OAK with no wheels is $296.00

The Simple Cart Kit in OAK with 12" pneumatics, is $330.00; Kit in OAK with 16" wire-spoked, hard rubber wheels is $350.00

We do not offer the Simple Cart Kit in black walnut, only the assembled Simple Cart and the finished Simple Cart are available in black walnut.

All hardware is subject to substitution according to availability.

Prices are without shipping.

Price: $252.00


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