Original Range Kart

This Original Range Kart is the one that started it all and was designed for the person who wants to carry everything with them.  Wheels are 16" hard rubber wire-spoked circa 1890s bicycle wheels; they are extremely rugged and allow for navigation of rough terrain.

The Original Range Kart is made of solid oak except for the very bottom, base board for Sheriff's Gun Case which is 3/4 " oak ply for strength.  Made with Cal•Graf's signature dovetail joinery, the Original Range Kart and its components are finished with a Watco dark walnut oil finish, sprayed on heavily with the excess wiped off (scratches and dents can be steamed out if so desired—it is also advised that more coats of oil be applied, such as tung oil or any good quality oil finish).  This finish provides freedom for the owner who knows that, inevitably thru use, dings & dents will happen.  Instead of having to "break the finish" with sanding and/or refinishing, just apply more oil and, if necessary, steam out the deeper ones.

Leather covers all surfaces on which your rifles rest.  Bottom front tray holds a 20" x 10" box (our Classic Range Box, No Frills Box, Pine Box, or your own).

Kart and Boxes are sturdy and allow you to sit while waiting for your turn to shoot.  May be personalized with cleaning rod holes, or some folks add umbrella holder to the side.  Plus, as a bonus, the whole Kart comes completely apart for transportation in the trunk of your car, pickup bed or SUV—no tools needed.

• When apart, Sheriff's Gun Case measures 35" x 20" x 11".

• Spaces for 2 shotguns, 3 rifles and can add cleaning rod holes or be custom-configured to accommodate your particular need.

• Kart tray accommodates 20" x 10" box, yours or ours, shown with Range Box and NoFrills Box, sold separately.

• Solid oak, approximately 42# and, yes, you can sit on it.  Also can be made in black walnut.  Call Roy with questions: 800-367-5203

When the smoke clears and you're back home, the Original Range Kart becomes a Sheriff's Gun Case to hold your rifles for display.  Sheriff's Gun Case provides safe storage for your firearms in den, study, reloading room and may be purchased separately if you just want a safe, attractive place to safeguard your investment.  Sheriff's Gun Case oak $315.00; Sheriff's Gun Case black walnut $385.00.

Additional Add-Ons:

1). Tray with fittings to allow it to sit front or back, self-stores; retro-fits the Kart you own. Tray purchased with Original Range Kart in oak $40.00; if purchased separately $60.00

2.) Ammo Drawer shown closeup with pistol, lock & key.  If you've ever seen Gunsmoke, you've seen a wall-mounted ammo drawer along with a rifle rack.  Ammo Drawer wall mounts easily (everything's included for mounting, also shown); Sheriff's Gun Case easily detaches when you need to reassemble your Range Kart.  Ammo Drawer ready to mount, oak, $103.00

3.) Sheriff's Chest shown as a stand-alone piece or with Sheriff's Gun Case as it attaches for gun storage.  It is solid oak (may be made in walnut too) with raised panels, adjustable shelving, locking cabinet doors.  Also shown is the Chest in use.  Sheriff's Chest oak, comes fitted with lock & key, measures 35" tall x 22" wide.  When Chest is mounted with Sheriff's Gun Case as shown, overall height is 70".  Sheriff's Chest in oak $325.00.  Sheriff's Chest in black walnut $395.00.

Pictured among images is the Original Range Kart without a box in the front showing rifles and stabilizer/transport bar to keep your firearms in place.  Bar locks with the simple turn of a knob.

Original Range Kart in oak $370.00

Original Range Kart in black walnut $395.00

Please call to order: 800-367-5203

All prices are without shipping.

Price: $370.00


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