Cowboy Gun Coffin

At last!  An actual "covered" cart—sit on it, play cards, clean your guns on the Cowboy Coffin Cart . . .

The Cowboy Coffin is the secure way to keep your weapons from dust, dirt and the bad guys.  It holds 5 long guns (3 rifles, 2 shotguns) in the same sort of cradle as the Range Kart.  But, instead of a Range Box or other sort of box, there is a compartment for your cartridges and handguns in the lid of the Coffin, 16" x 16" x 4" with drop down lid that becomes a table.  Lid is held in place by slide hook on side.

Wheels are 16" hard rubber 1890s bicycle wheel spoked on a hardwood and steel axle that is tapped to accept the 1/2" threads on the wheels, and two 1/4" bolts secure it to the Coffin.

A 36 inch piano hinge is on the right side; the Coffin is approximately 47 1/2" inside height, and 20" wide at the "shoulders", inside measurement.  It is made of 3/4" pine, double-sided 1/2" birch plywood top and bottom with the side 3/4" pine.  The Coffin lid is held open by use of a dowel brace.  There is a leg on the top back as well as the leg corresponding to wheels underneath which work great for "hand-trucking" the Coffin around.  Easily removed without tools leaving only a Coffin with sisal rope handles. Between stages you can "lay it out" and sit on it!

Guns are able to be carried with the actions open, and you can remove your guns, muzzle up for safety and in compliance with the rules (or in the horizontal position as well).  As with our Original Range Kart, the Cowboy Gun Coffin can be disassembled—wheels, axle, legs.  The chain shown in several of the images has been replaced with a leather strap, also shown.

Cowboy Coffin weighs in at about 65#.   It is finished with a Watco oil.  Coffin pivots on wheels in upright position, held in place by base which provides stability.

Cowboy Gun Coffin is $460.50

Personalization thru CNC engraving is $25.00, limit 2 lines on a wood plaque.  A brass plate with personalization starts at $25.00 for 6" x 5" plate; custom sizes can be ordered.

Prices are without shipping.

Price: $460.50


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