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Transition: Mr.Chips letting go & Travis with a firm hold. This combination Original Range Kart and Classic Range Box in black walnut are headed to Australia–Travis’ first products being shipped!

Here in these pages—whether you’re a Blackpowder Silhouette Shooter or are whooping it up in Cowboy Action—we think you’ll find most everything you’ll need to protect your firearms, enhance their safe use, or show off your investment.  Cal•Graf Design has become the source of old-world-style craftsmanship, our classic dovetail joinery the mark of our dedication to excellence.

Many “collectors” also find a product to meet their need whether it’s a custom black walnut presentation case or an item they’ve dreamed up and need someone who will create it for them.  We do custom!

We are committed to you, our customer, and strive to exceed your expectation in each hand-crafted piece that you order, most all are one of a kind.

After holding the (price) line for several years, metal and wood costs have forced us to increase the selling prices of our handmade, custom products.  The quality & value that you expect—and have been receiving for these past 26 years, has not changed.

Thank you for your trust in us, for spending your hard-earned dollar with us.  As always, you may reach us 9:00 to 5:30 MST, Monday thru Friday.

Phone: 800-367-5203
New Fax: 307-649-2474
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4 Responses to “Home Page”
  1. Dave LeFevre (Deadshot Dave) says:

    I just want to say THANKS!

  2. Doug Wiechmann says:

    Happy for you Travis. This will work.

  3. Dave Purdum says:

    Hi, Just wanted to thank you good folks for your hospitality and kindness to my children. You both are ” good people” Good luck and God bless! I will always be backing up Travis & Dawna!

  4. Dan Eddy says:

    Travis and Dawna, the site looks great, congratulations. To anyone familiar with this company, I assure you the quality craftsmanship is equal to the previous creator. Challenge Travis to custom work, I promise, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve seen Travis’ abilities first hand, this guy knows what he’s doing.